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Group Fitness Coaching

The 8-week Group Fitness Coaching Program is here 

I am leading a group into High-Performance results through live workouts, guided breathwork/meditation practices, & facilitated activities.

Group Hug

Connect with a group of like-minded individuals looking to grow into the strongest version of themselves. Join in on sharing, collaboration, and motivation in the group.

This is for you if you want to:

Boost Confidence

Increase Vitality

Optimize Health

This group coaching program incorporates:


Drop into each session with a centering breathwork practice to connect your mind, body, and spirit. This creates an open foundation for doing deep work. 


Experience 8 movement practices that vitalize the energy centers of the body. Expect a combination of Qigong, Yoga Therapy, and High-Performance movement.


Each week will have follow up steps, workouts/guided meditations to complete at your own pace, and a community space to express how your progress is going.  

When - TBD, send your inquiries to for details.

Where - Zoom

Cost - $716

Prerequisites - At least one year of experience with movement, no injuries and/or medical conditions that limit vigorous exercise, and ability to commit to the whole program

See you there!

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