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High-Performance Fitness

I lead individuals who have 1+ years working out move towards High-Performance results in 8 weeks via custom workout plans & one-on-one fitness coaching.

#1 Increase strength 25-30%+

#2 Lower stress by 20-40%+

#3 Increase muscle mass by 2-6lbs

The way to get there is through my 4-part approach: movement, strength, breathing, and adventure. By cultivating these four areas you will exceed your goals & have more confidence, vitality, and health. 


My approach is holistic and rooted in Eastern & Western practices













About Ari


With 14+ years in the health and wellness world, I would like to share my background: I am a Personal Trainer (NASM), Yoga Teacher (500-hour RYT), and Certified Badass



  • Trained Special-Ops soldiers in the IDF

  • Supported a 74 year-old improve upper body strength 3x in 3 months

  • Assisted client in healing back pain --- who now deadlifts 245lbs!

  • Special-needs client improved: cardiovascular health, cognitive performance, and overall muscle mass % over a 2 year period

  • Coached hundreds of individuals to the next level with High-Performance Fitness

What can the 4-part approach help me with?

Movement: Feel GOOD, improve flexibility, learn functional movement

Strength: Lift more weight, put on muscle, experience super-charged vitality

Breathwork: Quiet the mind, increase concentration, shift emotional states

Adventure: Tap into full potential, overcome challenges, find your purpose

All in 8-weeks!? Hell yes. It works.

What clients are saying:

Screenshot 2022-09-11 182712.png

“I had a lot of anxiety from moving and starting my business before working with Ari. My mind was racing all the time! Ari had me doing breathwork practices tailored towards my experience. Right after that I instantly noticed a difference!!! It was quite crazy and I wasn’t anxious anymore. Ever since then, my life has never been the same. Ari is amazing, especially for breathwork.” -Ali D, Virginia 

Hiking Head Shot - Jeff Hughes.jpeg

"Ari's teachings incorporate breathing, meditation, and qigong - among other disciplines. Because of Ari, I have incorporated more breathing exercises - not only when I'm practicing but in my everyday life. While I've taken Ari's class in a number of formats (e.g., online, at a gym), the ones I will always treasure are the ones outside in nature. An extra dimension that Ari adds is music. He's an expert musician and you can expect healing sounds as part of Savasana (i.e., relaxation pose at the end)" -Jeff H, Washington DC

"Compassionate. Highly skilled. Inspiring. Dedicated. Never have I met a man before so committed to growth and showing up to his life. Ariel is a firecracker and really helped me stay accountable to myself and stoke my inner fire. I would highly recommend working with him for fitness coaching and personal mentorship" -Harrison, Baltimore, MD

Since working with Ari, I have created my ideal morning workout routine, have positive mental energy to do regular exercise, and learned new movement techniques. Highly recommend sessions with him! -Philip, Washington, DC

"He is incredibly knowledgeable about health practices. The amount that he knows is unbelievable! I’ve been taking private yoga and meditation classes with him for a year and ever since then I’ve seen huge major improvements in my life. I’m stronger, lost weight, and even less stressed at the office. Working with him is for everyone, no matter what stage you are in life." -Maggie, Silver Spring, MD

"Ari Rubens is a powerful personal trainer. He is full of wisdom, intelligence and kindness. You can really feel how much time and energy he has invested in understanding himself and learning how to teach other people to be their best selves. I highly recommend training with him for multiple months to allow time for transformation!" -Charlotte, Washington, DC


"Ari's approach to physical fitness is truly one of a kind! He is an incredible active listener who cares about your whole self and holistic wellness, not just what you are lifting and how often. With Ari's approach, I felt seen and heard for my goals and for exploring the root causes underneath a sticky or stuck pattern. Ari encouraged and motivated me through his knowledge, empathy, and technical expertise during our time working together. Since doing personal training with Ari, I feel much more capable of sticking to a routine and feel much more confident to explore other kinds of movement and adventurous challenges for my mind, body, and spirit. I highly recommend working with Ari!" 
-Lauren Hershey (she/they), Founder of The Unconventional Plutonian 

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